Language Support


Language Support courses are designed for international UConn students who have at least an intermediate level of English proficiency. These courses are open to any active UConn student with a Peoplesoft number including: UCAELI Students, Graduate students, Undergraduates, and Non-Credit.

English Workshops

Location: CISS Building – 2019 Hillside Road, 2nd Floor Conference Room

Dates: September 6 – November 8 2023, 10 weeks

Days/Times: Wednesdays, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Course Fee: $0

Course Description:

English workshops are available for 10-weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters. These workshops can be used to improve the communication skills needed to meet the university’s requirements for teaching undergraduate students. Conversation partners will join each class to provide opportunities for practice, feedback, and questions. Registration for the workshop series is highly recommended in order to guarantee a seat.

These workshops will help participants develop the speaking skills needed to convey their ideas clearly when presenting in front of an audience. Students will practice presenting information relevant to their field of study and be actively involved in self-assessment and peer assessment. Content will be adapted to suit the group’s needs.

Topics in Academic English

Location: J. Ray Ryan (JRB), Room 204

Dates: October 30 - December 11 2023, 6 weeks

Days/Times: Mondays, 4:30pm - 6:45pm

Course Fee: $350

Course Description:

This course will feature strategies for developing English skills and academic skills in English to promote success. This is a great course for students who are struggling in their university courses because of English and/or because of a new academic culture. 

This course will focus on the academic English skills needed to respond in speaking and writing to reading passages. Students will explore how to use readings to improve language structure and vocabulary and will examine related strategies to improve reading skills. The last class meets during finals week and will be a finals support workshop. Suitable for undergraduate students.

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