Welcome New UCAELI Students

On July 3rd, UCAELI welcomed a new class of students! Our newcomers to Storrs quickly found out that there’s plenty to do around here, even in summer. After arriving on campus, the UCAELI students went to visit the statue of our mascot, Jonathan the Husky. Some of them even knew to rub his nose for good luck!

  • Meeting Jonathan the Husky

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is one of the most important and patriotic holidays in the United States. Lots of parades happen all over the country, and Willimantic, the city next to Storrs, is known for having a very unique one. It’s called the Boombox Parade, and as the name implies, people walk the parade route with music playing from boomboxes. It’s an experience that combines traditional, weird, and fun, and UCAELI students always enjoy it.

After the parade, we went over to Mansfield Hollow State Park for lunch. Having a summer barbecue on the Fourth of July is an American custom, and it was great to to do it with the UCAELI students! We love sharing our traditions and interests with our students, and we know we’ll have a great rest of the summer together!