Student Testimonials

"Two months ago, while I was reading a book, I stopped at a question: “What is the most exciting place you have ever been during your professional life?”

I was deeply thinking to address what is most exciting period in my life. In that moment, UCAELI popped up in my mind. In September 2013, I left my home and my family to start a new life that had a lot of dreams. I joined UCAELI in the 2nd day for me at the US with many concerns about it. I started the 1st program in my academic journey at UCAELI, but what I have learned is more than a language; I found a professional environment, and one-family atmosphere that has a clear objective; all the staff are looking forward enhancing the student’s outcomes in many directions: improving their English proficiency, achieving time management skills, preparing them to  an academic life, and working-well to interact with classmates from all over the world."

- Mohammad Alharti

What is one important thing you learned from being a student at UCAELI? A memorable experience? 

One of the important things that I learned while I was a student at UCAELI is that I need to break my goal into small goals to accomplish it and to appreciate every step I take toward my main goal. One of my memorable experiences was when we visited The Daily Campus newspaper office. As I am interested in writing, it was exciting to see how the students at UConn run the newspaper by themselves.

- Ghaida A.

Why would you recommend the UCAELI program to others who want to learn and improve their English? 

I would recommend UCAELI because of the program flexibility to suit the students' goals in improving their English. The program staff is very helpful and always willing to assist you in achieving your language goals. As a UCAELI student, you can access many resources at UConn to help you reach your language goals.  

What was your goal in enrolling in the UCAELI program? 

My main goal was to improve my academic English to prepare for my master's degree. I also wanted to experience learning in a different environment than my hometown, and to meet and communicate with students from different cultures.