General Application FAQ’s

Who is eligible for admission to UCAELI?

Students must be able to speak, read, write, and understand basic words and short sentences in English. Applicants must have completed secondary education.

What are the next session dates?

UCAELI offers 4 sessions per year: 

  • Spring (January – May), 15 weeks 
  • Summer I (May – July), 6 weeks
  • Summer II (July – August), 6 weeks
  • Fall (August – December), 15 weeks

UCAELI classes meet Monday through Friday. Students must participate in 22 hours of English classes per week.

How do I apply to UCAELI?

General English and College Preparatory Experience programs follow the same application process. Please visit our application process page for more information.

What is the difference between General English and College Preparatory Experience?

General English

General English is great for learners who want to study the English language for professional or personal goals. The program focuses on communication, reading, and writing in all contexts.

College Preparatory Experience

College Preparatory Experience is great for learners who want to pursue academic goals, such as an undergraduate or graduate education or proficiency certificate. The program focuses on providing language courses and unique study courses that prepare students for academic success.

Please visit our available programs page to learn more.

When is the application deadline for UCAELI?

UCAELI does not have a set application deadline. We recommend applying 3 months before the program start date. 3 months gives you adequate time if you are applying for a student visa. If housing is required, we strongly recommend applying at least 3 months in advance as well. Housing is limited and in high demand at UConn!

What is the application processing fee and where do I pay?

The application processing fee is $150. If you did not complete this step please go to UConn Marketplace to complete your payment. Applications will be marked incomplete if you do not pay the fee.

What is the enrollment deposit and where do I pay?

The enrollment deposit is $350. This deposit guarantees your place in the upcoming  session. Applicants will not be issued an I-20 until the enrollment deposit is paid. Please visit the payment store to make a payment. 

What is the Visa Compliance Fee (VCF)?

The visa compliance fee is $350. The fee applies specifically to students with an F-1 visa. Students are charged this fee in the Fall and Spring sessions, not Summer. For more information please visit the ISSS Website.

What are program course fees?

Immigration FAQ’s

What type of visa will I need to study at UCAELI?

An F-1 visa is required to study full-time at UCAELI. Once admitted, students receive a Form I-20 which they then take to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply for a student visa. You will need to obtain a F-1 student visa if you are studying full-time at UCAELI and the purpose of your visit in the U.S is to study English. You are required to have this visa in hand before your arrival. A full course of study in UCAELI’s Intensive English Program (IEP) is defined as 22 hours per week. International students with a F-1 student visa are required to maintain a full course of study.

What if my visa gets rejected?

If your visa is rejected we can defer you to the next session and you can try again. In order to defer you must complete the following steps:

  • Notify UCAELI immediately that your visa has been rejected.
  • Contact International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) at or call (860) 486-3855 and let a staff member know that you will need a new I-20 with a later start date.
  • If you applied for on-campus housing, please contact UConn Residential Life to cancel housing:

Can I study part-time?

Students may enroll on a part-time basis in UCAELI classes under the following conditions:

  • They are NOT F-1 or J-1 visa holders. F2 (dependent) visa holders can study English part-time.
  • There is space available in the course they are requesting. Space will be determined after the placement of full-time students.

    The following rules apply to part-time enrollment: 

    • Students may only enroll in level appropriate courses
    • Students must be enrolled in a class by the 10th day of Fall and Spring semesters and by the 5th day of the Summer semester. Enrollments will not be permitted after these times.
    • Part-time students must live off-campus.

    Program FAQ’s

    Quick Facts

    • UCAELI is located at the main campus of the University of Connecticut (UConn), in Storrs. UConn is among the top ranked public universities in the nation.
    • Mid-point between Boston and NYC.
    • All instructors have a master’s degree in TESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages.
    • Conditional admission to Connecticut universities.
    • A Pathway Program available to students with the opportunity to enroll in university courses for credit at the University of Connecticut.

    Who teaches at UCAELI?

    All UCAELI instructors in the Intensive English Program hold Master’s degrees or Ph.D.s in fields including Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Linguistics, Communication Studies or English. Our instructors love to share a love of teaching and passion for working with international students. UCAELI’s hiring practices affirm the TESOL Position Statement Against Discrimination of Nonnative Speakers of English in the Field of TESOL.

    How long will I have to study in your program?

    New students are provided placement tests and will be placed into the appropriate level based on the CEFR scale. Each level takes one semester or two summer sessions to complete. Successful completion of B2 in all skill areas satisfies the English proficiency requirement for undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Connecticut. 

    A1 - Beginner 

    A2 - Elementary

    B1 - Intermediate

    B2 - Upper Intermediate

    C1 - Advanced

    C2 - Proficient

    Will I get credit for the courses at UCAELI?

    No. UCAELI is a non-credit program, but you will receive a end of session certificate upon completion of each semester. Students may request a non-credit transcript with grades from your courses.

    Do you have to be conditionally admitted to the University of Connecticut to attend UCAELI?

    No. Admission to UConn is not a requirement for admission to UCAELI. Many students apply to the university while they are attending UCAELI and some are here only to study English and then return to their home countries.

    How many students are in each class?

    An average of 10-15 students. 

    Where is UCAELI?

    UCAELI is located at the University of Connecticut’s main campus in Storrs, Connecticut. Storrs is located in rural northeastern Connecticut, USA.                Office Address - Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) 2019 Hillside Road, Storrs Connecticut 06269.

    Time to Reach Storrs:

    • New York City – 2 hours 45 minutes
    • Boston, Massachusetts – 1 hour 35 minutes
    • Hartford, Connecticut – 40 minutes
    • New Haven, Connecticut – 1 hour 15 minutes
    • Stamford, Connecticut – 2 hours
    • Danbury, Connecticut – 1 hour 40 minutes

    What is the weather like at UCAELI? 

    UCAELI is located in Connecticut, which is in the northeast area of the United States. This area is often referred to as New England.                                            We have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

    Spring is March through April and is warm and sometimes rainy.

    Summer is June through August and the weather is hot and humid.

    Autumn (also known as fall) is generally cool.

    Winter is December through February and is very cold and snowy.

    Remember to bring clothing that is appropriate for the seasons you will be here.

    Travel and Transportation FAQ’s

    Is there public transportation near UCAELI?

    On-Campus Shuttles

    There are free campus shuttles for UCAELI students. Shuttles travel around the campus bringing students from parking lots, off campus apartments and the university’s Depot Campus to campus to the center of campus. For the schedules and routes visit: UConn Transportation Services and click on Bus Schedules.

    Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center 

    The Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center is the Town of Mansfield's transportation hub where residents and visitors can catch a bus, store their bike, park their car, visit attractions, and more.

    Storrs-Willimantic Bus

    The WRTD bus travels from Storrs to Willimantic. Willimantic is the next city closest to Storrs. Willimantic offers the East Brook Mall and movie theater, several supermarkets for food shopping and access to many apartment complexes. The WRTD bus is FREE for all UConn/UCAELI students with a valid student I.D.

    Peter Pan Bus Lines and MegaBus Lines

    There are buses that arrive daily from Hartford, New York City and Boston.

    • Hartford – Storrs/Storrs – Hartford: two departures daily
    • New York – Storrs/Storrs – New York: two departures daily
    • Boston – Storrs/Storrs – Boston: four departures daily

    Tickets may be purchased online. For more destinations, times, and fare information, please visit or

    For more information about public transit in Connecticut please visit

    Can I park my car at UConn?

    Yes! Students will require a parking pass to park on campus. Please visit the Parking Services website for more information about the permit fees.

    Traveling to the U.S.

    Students may arrive in the United States up to 30 days before the program start date listed on your Form I-20.

    If flying to the United States, remember that you will be required to declare all goods that you are bringing with you, and their estimated value. If you are carrying $10,000 USD or more cash (including cash carried by any family members you travel with) this must be declared to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    Most students will pass through U.S. immigration at the first airport they land in the U.S. Some travelers might go through U.S. immigration at an overseas airport.

    You must present to the U.S. immigration officer your:

    • Passport with valid student visa
    • Form I-20

    You should also keep in your carry-on bag (not your checked luggage) additional items to show the officer in case they have further questions about your activity in the United States. Do not present these to the officer, unless asked for them. This may include:

    • I-901 SEVIS Fee payment receipt
    • Financial documents to show how you will support yourself
    • Admission or invitation letter to UCAELI
    • International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS) phone number: 860-486-3855 (in case they need to verify information with the University).

    If you are missing any documents, or if the immigration officers need to investigate whether you can be admitted to the United States, they might ask you to go to Secondary Inspection. In Secondary Inspection, the officers may ask further questions, look at your SEVIS record, and possibly inspect your other documents. Customs and Border Protection officers may ask to see your cell phones, laptops or other electronic devices. It is recommended that you try to book your flight to arrive in the U.S. during U.S. office hours (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm) in case Customs and Border Protection needs to contact ISSS.

    How do I get to UCAELI from airport?

    Arriving to Bradley International Airport (BDL)

    The easiest and quickest way to arrive at UCAELI is to fly into Bradley International Airport (BDL) in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Taxis are available outside of the airport. If there are no taxis at the airport, go to the Ground Transportation desk and ask if they can arrange a taxi for you.

    Arriving to New York City, John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

    Option 1. From JFK Airport in New York take the AIR TRAIN to Jamaica Station (the last stop). At Jamaica Station transfer to the “E” Line (Blue Line). Take the “E” Line all the way to Manhattan and exit at “42 Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal”.

    Take the Peter Pan bus from New York Port Authority Bus Terminal to Storrs, University of Connecticut or to Union Bus Station in Hartford, Connecticut. If you arrive in Hartford, you can take a taxi to UConn (approximately 35-40 minute taxi drive).

    Option 2. Take a Taxi from JFK Airport to New York Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd St. Take the Peter Pan bus from New York Port Authority Bus Terminal to Storrs, University of Connecticut or to Union Bus Station in Hartford, Connecticut. If you arrive in Hartford, you can take a taxi to UConn (approximately 35-40 minute taxi drive).

    Peter Pan bus ticket cost varies.

    Greyhound Bus ticket cost varies.

    View maps of the NYC subway system.

    Arriving to Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

    From Logan International Airport (BOS) in Boston take the Peter Pan bus to Storrs, University of Connecticut. Pick up the bus outside of Terminals A, B, C, E. Tell the driver you need to go to Storrs, Connecticut (UConn).

    Taxi/Car Services

    UCAELI does not arrange airport pick-up services. However, we are providing a few car service options below to help make the arrangements. These are all recommended by the university. Please tell the driver to take you to your housing assignment address.

    Elite Limo CT




    Wisla Express Shuttle

    Housing & Dining FAQ’s

    What are my housing options at UCAELI?

    Can I live on campus?

    Yes! Many UCAELI students live on campus. To live on campus, accepted students must fill out a housing application. In order to secure housing, students must fill out the housing form as soon as possible after being accepted and by the housing deadline. Accepted students will be notified of the housing application deadline. Students are not able to select which dormitory they will be placed in. Students may be placed in a single, double or triple room. Some dormitories have shared kitchens. Students who live in dormitories without kitchens are required to purchase a full meal plan.

    Go to ResLife for more information about on campus housing.

    Can I live off campus?

    Yes! For more information about apartments and rentals off campus, please visit the Off Campus Housing site.

    Temporary Housing

    Hotels & Inns

    Graduate Storrs, 855 Bolton Road in Storrs
    The Inn on Storrs, 123 Storrs Road in Mansfield Center
    Spring Hill Inn, 957 Storrs Road in Storrs

    Bed & Breakfasts

    The Fitch House, 563 Storrs Road in Mansfield Center
    K. J. Tuckers, LLC Bed & Breakfast, 205 Pleasant Valley, Mansfield Center
    Stones Arches Bed & Breakfast, 614 Storrs Road in Mansfield Center

    Meal Plans

    Students living in dorms must purchase a full meal plan. There are several options available. Please refer to the Dining Services website at for details regarding dining and meal plan prices. Commuter meal plans available.

    **Exceptions are students living in dormitories with kitchen access.**

    Health Insurance

    Do I need to have health insurance at UCAELI?

    Yes! All full-time UCAELI students are required by the University to maintain health insurance coverage. Medical care in the United States is VERY expensive. We strongly recommend that all international students keep a university sponsored insurance plan for this reason. The university sponsored plan is accepted by local healthcare providers and provides coverage for travel related benefits such as evacuation back to the home country.

    Students may choose to be covered through:

    • A personal insurance policy,
    • A plan carried by their parents,
    • A plan provided by their scholarship agency, or
    • UConn sponsored health plan – the group policy sponsored by the University, which is sold and administered through Wellfleet-Cigna Health Plan. In addition to a health insurance plan, full-time students are eligible for medical services at the University’s student health center. The center is open 24 hours a day throughout the week for routine medical care, illness, and health counseling.

    One of the benefits of Wellfleet-Cigna Health Student Health plan is that all medical procedures, related to an accident or illness, performed at the UConn Infirmary (Student Health Services) will be covered 100% under this insurance plan. Laboratory tests, x-rays and prescription medications are some of the benefits available under the plan.

    Always use the UConn wellness center first if possible. If you visit a doctor outside of UConn, you may be asked for additional information and it is very important that you respond in a timely manner (quickly) for your claim to be processed.

    Please Note: There is an additional fee associated with choosing the university sponsored health plan.

    Students who prefer to use their own personal insurance plan….

    You may “opt out” or "remove" yourself of the University sponsored plan by completing an insurance waiver form online. When you arrive to UCAELI, please let a staff member know that you have a personal health insurance plan. We will help you complete the opt out insurance waiver.

    Immunization Requirements

    Immunization Requirements

    The University of Connecticut regulations require each full-time student to provide proof of adequate immunization or screening against the following diseases before permitting students to start classes at the university.

    • Measles
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
    • Varicella
    • Tuberculosis
    • Meningitis (applies to students living in university housing)

    The Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) office at UConn provides vaccinations, blood tests or tuberculosis testing on a fee for service basis.

    How to provide Proof of Immunizations:

    Step 1: Obtain a copy of your official immunization record from your physician’s office or have your physician complete a UConn Health History Form.

    Step 2: Go to the Student Health Portal and select “pending forms” and enter your immunization information.

    Step 3: Upload your official immunizations or Health History Form under “document upload” on the Student Health Portal.

    Here’s a video clip of how to upload immunization documents to the health portal:

    For more information about the required immunizations and screenings, please visit: