Proficiency Assessment for Admission

Departments may request additional proficiency assessments for incoming students to determine whether a student meets the English proficiency requirement of the University of Connecticut (Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions).

In order to expedite screening, a student should provide scores from the following tests to serve as a baseline assessment:

  • Duolingo

If a student has an English language proficiency measure not included in the list above, please contact the UCAELI Director, Jeannie Slayton at

The UCAELI proficiency assessment will include an interview, which may be completed in person or online through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and a timed writing task. Students will receive an oral interview proficiency score (comprised of spoken production, spoken interaction, quality of language, listening comprehension, and strategy compensation CEFR scores), and a written production proficiency score. Based on the CEFR English Proficiency scores, the outcome of the Proficiency Assessment will provide a determination of whether or not the student meets the requirements for English proficiency. The completed proficiency assessment form can be used for admissions purposes at the University of Connecticut and results will be sent directly to Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions. UCAELI defines minimal academic proficiency as a CEFR B2 and full academic proficiency as a CEFR C1. CEFR scores that are lower than B2 do not meet the requirements for academic proficiency. 

Departments interested in pursuing the UCAELI Proficiency Assessment for a student should complete a request form and $100 registration fee.