A Thousands Words Painting

This blog entry was written by Jenny, who is a UCAELI student. Jenny is taking the UCAELI course, “Explore” and recently visited The University of Connecticut’s Benton Museum. You never know what you might see or who you might see when you visit the Benton. Many thanks to Jenny for sharing her writing with us! We hope you enjoy it.

A thousands words painting

Personally, if you ask me how a painting can be described by a thousand words, I will answer that it should be a scene with which I can resonate in the painting. When I visited the William Benton Museum of Art, there were many different styles and times of paintings. Some of them I could understand the stories behind them and appreciate their form. However, some of them I really could have not any reaction or interpretation. For example, close to the entrance of the museum, there was a painting made up of a lot of lines. I only felt it is very beautiful, but I could not understand what is the writer trying to tell me. 

In all the paintings, for me, one of the most impressive pictures was the Bye Beach drawn by Martin Johnson Heade. When I was looking at the painting, it put me under a kind of stress because of deep color. The sea water is dark and some small boats were floating on the surface. The cloud is depressive with deep bronze and red light come out. I had the same experience on the sea. That situation describes the weather before the rainstorm. The black cloud emitted the sunset. It was grandiose and spectacular scenery. Then I read some background about this picture. I could feel more about what Martin wanted to show. As we know, a rainstorm always means troubles are coming in many kinds of literature and works, also in many cultures. For example, in Chinese culture, many poets used storm in their poems to show some bad events or heavy emotion. In here, it maybe has the same idea to show how horrible the Civil War was. Therefore, I think a painting which can be perceived by thousands of words can spread the author’s feeling. People can understand it because it can connect people’s lives.